Do headphone volume controls work?

Hi guys

My heaphone remote does not work on the clip zip.  Is that normal?  Does the CZ not support headphone volume controls? 

Seems like a massive oversight if it doesn’t.

No, Only iPods are wired too do this.

Mine does. Are you perhaps using head/earphones with in-line controls designed for iPods?

If I’m understanding correctly, your headphones have a digital control of some sort to change the volume–like Apple iPod phones with their controls on the cable or some headphones for Android phones.  If that’s the case, no, the volume controls won’t work on the Clips–the Clips don’t have that ability.  But you can purchase an auxiliary headphone cable at an electronics store such as Radio Shack or Amazon, that have a volume dial–I’ve used those for years and find them very handy.  Made by Shure and Koss, for example. 

And certain head/earphones come with an in-line volume control slider or wheel. I have a pair of Sonys that have it. But no other functions (FF, REW, PAUSE, etc.) can be controlled through the headphone jack like on some of the Pods. They take a special set of phones that have this convenience. Unfortunately they sound like crap.