(DJ's) Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB not found on Rekordbox

First of all: I have a HP computer with three 2.0 USB inputs and one 3.0 input.

I recently bought the Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB USB stick.
It works perfectly on my PC, but when I wanted to use it for my Rekordbox collection, the program won’t find the USB.

Anyone who can tell me what to do? Thanks in advance. 

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if the drive is working normally on the PC the this question would probably be best ask to Rekordbox support forums or open a support ticket with Rekordbox themselves. 

I just got the Sandisk Extreme Pro 128g 3.1 and I’m having the same issue. Did you figure out how to get Rekordbox to read?

i have the same problem!!

i use Mac pro (Sierra), and use  Rekordbox with small Sandisk USB before have no problem.
yesturday i got me two new Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB, i use it with my computer is working well, but  Rekordbox can’t find the USB.

if anyone know how to fix it please help me out.

Thank you,

ive also recently bought a sandisk extreme pro usb and im having the same problem with rekordbox. any news?

Have you checked the Rekordbox site?

I suspect the app doesn’t support exFAT devices.