DJI Drone Write Failure - Extreme Pro SD

I’ve had a 64 G Extreme Pro SD card in my Mavic Air for just over 2 years, without any issues. Recently, I shot a few videos in 4K, and everything seemed normal, the flight control software showed video recording in progress, and there was no indication of a problem.

When I put the SD card into the reader slot in my laptop, everything seemed like it should be, EXCEPT the video files, DJI_???.MP4, were not there. I thought I may have deleted them, so I ran an undelete utility and the files weren’t there. It’s as if they were never written, yet the recording indicator in the flight control software showed the video timer running.

I turned on the drone, and was able to record and play back a 4K video file, so all -seems- OK.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that a data file that DJI records for all videos WAS present on the card. DJI hasn’t been very helpful, and just tells me to reset the camera and reformat the card.


I can’t understand how the DJI software could show recording in progress, when there was no recording being created.
I don’t know the details of the interface between the DJI and the memory card, but wouldn’t the SD card send an indication that the write had failed? A total of 3 recordings in a row failed, but next one went through OK.

Any observations would be appreciated. Thanks!