DJ Option - even possible?

As I’ve said before I came from the now dead Trekstor Vibez. They were going to bring out a Flash version and recently announced they aren’t going to now. Since my hard disk based Vibez died I did a ton of research and settled on the Fuze. Which I adore.

Prior to the Vibez I had a Rio Karma. The Vibez was based on the same firmware as the Karma.

The one thing I REALLY miss is the RIO DJ or just DJ option. This was SUCH the greatest way to tool up music. I wonder if it’s even possible to do something similar on the Fuze?

Examples of how it works:


This would generate a playlist from the most listened to tracks on your player for a certain amount of time.

In other words you could choose: play the most listened to tracks from the past day/week/2 weeks/month/2 months/year.


This would generate a playlist and let you choose: Album, Artist, Genre, Year.


Generates a playlist and lets you choose: Music loaded in the last day/week/2 weeks/month/etc…


Generates a playlist and picks tracks that have NOT been played in the past: day/week/2weeks/etc


Plays music that you listened to in the last day/week/etc…


Lets you choose 15minutes/30/60/2 hours worth of random music.


Let’s you choose the top all-time 10/20/50 most played tracks.

Obviously this means everything is tracked on the player. When a song was loaded, when it was played (a track would have to play for 10 seconds before it would be marked as played), how many times it has been played. I would load up 2 hours of random, skip song I didn’t want to heear, later play SONGS I PLAYED LAST WEEK, every now and then TOP 20 TRACKS, after 6 months or so PLAY SONGS I HAVEN’T LISTENED TO to see if what I should probably delete.

With 16GB of music on my Fuze… this would really help.

I realize it may not even be possible and if it is it may take far to long to implement to even be worth it looking into it.

I also realize this is NOT a Vibez and I should not be trying to make it one. I’m not. Just had to mention (imo) one of the best features ever on any DAP.

The Fuze is a **bleep** fine player and I am not trying to slight it in the least.

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I feel ya, I would *love* to have those kinds of automatic playlists too. I doubt we’ll see it though. I’ve always felt that music players should be a little more intelligent when it comes to just playing something. Right now your best option for getting instant-on music is to use shuffle and Play All, and even then there’s going to be a lot of skipping around depending on your mood and collection size.

If you’re looking for a computer-based solution that does all of that and more, look in to Amarok. It has a bunch of options for making playlists based on various criteria. One trick I’ve done with it is to save it’s generated playlists to my Fuze.

Thanks for the suggestion, but doesn’t that mean you have to listen to the tunes on your PC? and then it generates playlists based on that? Don’t really use my laptop for listening to music much.

No, you don’t have to listen to it on a computer, just save the playlist to the media player and ensure it only contains items FROM the player. I haven’t toyed with playlists on both the internal and external memory yet though. The Fuze speaks .m3u.

Ah. You meant to just create playlists. Gotcha’. Yea, I have a few ways to do that, but I am not a big playlister. Starting to make some now because I am tired of Xmas music playing when I do a PLAY > ALL. lol Just suggesting to the powers that be to come up with some better ways for the Fuze to generate playlists for me.

Apple has since copied the DJ function from the Rio/Trekstor player. They call it the iTunes Genius and SMART playlisting. 


Smart Playlists

Have iTunes create a playlist for you based on your desired criteria — like all the rock songs you’ve added to your library in the past month or songs you’ve listened to more than 10 times. iTunes finds the songs that match your rules and creates a playlist that updates itself automatically.

Genius Playlists

The new Genius feature in iTunes 8 creates the perfect playlist. Just select a song, click the Genius button, and iTunes generates a playlist of songs from your library that go great with it. You decide how many songs appear in your Genius playlist — 25, 50, or 100. Refresh your Genius playlist to get new results. Or save your Genius playlist so you always have it.

Again, the answer for Fuze may be “Wait for Rockbox”  

I haven’t played with them much, but there are a lot of history based selection methods, like “recently added”, “songs I used to play a lot but haven’t recently” , “songs never played”  (handy for stuff you forgot, or that were mistagged)