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“The Griffin Dock does not have a built in amplifier and if you’ve been following the thread, the line out signal is exactly the same as the headphone jack signal… but don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, the sound quality is fantastic.”


You keep repeating that, but the Sansa Rep keeps telling you otherwise - as well as the specs that have been shown for the sound chip.  I guess it’s up to the reader to decide which source is more credible.

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PL, I believe you are misinformed.


I think all you have to do is plug into the output of the headphone jack at full volume and then the output of the Griffin dock to discover that they are the same volume.


One would assume that if there was amplification in the Griffin dock, the dock would be louder than the headphone out.


What sansafix said was that the line out of the Fuze is the same as 100% volume out of the headphone jack.


What I’m telling you is that the line out of the Griffin dock is the same volume as 100% volume out of the headphone jack.


If you have information to the contrary regarding the Griffin dock, please don’t keep it to youself,  quote it here so that we all might benefit from it.   :)




I’m not disputing that the Griffin Dock has no built in amp - I’m counting on it.  I’m also not disputing the volume level.  I’m disputing your assertion in that statement that the “line out signal is exactly the same as the headphone jack signal” when the Sandisk rep has repeatedly asserted that it’s a higher quality signal and separate from the headphone output.  That’s what you don’t seem to understand - or outright deny.


Hence why a reader has to make the decision on which source is more credible.

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Look dude, Sansafix said that not me.  

If you want to see the exact quote, do a search for it.  It has been said more than once.

Second, hearing is believing. 

If you sit down and listen to the line out from the griffin dock with some good headphones and a headphone amp and then plug the same rig into the headphone out jack at full volume, this conversation will be over.

I have nothing further to say about this matter.

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The signal levels at full volume are identical, but the signal paths are indeed different. The performance of the line out is a little better than the headphone amp out.

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The signal levels at full volume are identical, but the signal paths are indeed different. The performance of the line out is a little better than the headphone amp out.

Sansafix, everyone appreciates what you are doing here so I am not going to dispute what you are saying.

However, regarding the Griffin Dock, I stand by what I said.



I read your thread and I agree with your they are the same level, and yes there is no amp in the Griffin dock.

ClieOS, The Griffin dock taps the 5volt from the USB connector, through a 47k series resistor to pin 7 on the dock connector. Pin 7 must be pulled high (with approx. 1-3volt) to enable lineout signal. My original cable was made to be used with or without USB DC power, so I used pin 22 of the Fuze (which has approx. 3volt on it) jumpered to pin 7 in the cable for the enable signal.

I’m working on a full schematic for the Griffin Dock circuit (not much to it) and improved signal grounding mods for the original cable. Been pressed for time lately due to mucho OT involving a robotic automation cell we are building/debugging to produce an OEM auto part that goes into production in about 6 months.

Thanks for the info, 14124all. Really appreciate it.The reason I asked is becasue I am planing to experiment with resistor to lower the voltage (to closer match that of Griffin dock) on pin 22 since I got some resistors lying around. I am also plan to put in some decoupling caps if I can, but I’ll need to wait till I order an extra sync cable first. Thanks again.

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Any updates on these guys?

I wrote a guide on how to make the LOD. For those who are interested, you can read it at:

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ClieOS, Very Nice!!! AAA+!!! Very well written with excellent presentation. Wow, you are a pro! Good to see another sucessful build - with a fantastic how-to! And I’m diggin’ those mini-amps too!

Can be a ? for anyone.If the line out may be a bit better would there be a benefit to put rca jacks on the diy cord to hook up to a stereo or other device?

You could substitute the stereo mini plug with RCA jacks. Cable will be the same, just with different connectors.

Anyone get their conn. from Ridax?If so can someone help with placement of wires on their conn.Thx

ClieOS has built his v2 cable with a Ridax connector. Go to

for pics and info. Note that his cables are for portable amp connection, so you may not want that type of cable. He does show some very nice pics of the Ridax connector and his assembly stages.

Ok thx for the info.Just to pass along to others the conn from Ridax came in less than a week.I live in midwest and I believe the conn. came from Sweden.I ordered some other cables fom the States at the same time and I received both packages the same day!!!.AAAA+++++ for Ridax.

Yeah, I have finished writing up the Fuze diyLOD v1 and v2 mod (plus a few fact regarding AS3525 and the Line-out signal), just check the link in 14124all’s post above.

Thanks ClieOS you did a great job with all the pictures and a great “easy to understand” procedure.Excellent work!

( I am not really good in editing, Math is somewhat better) 


best wishes and happy soldering

rotten Apples!!!

After that experience you never again would have the wish to buy one of those

Headphones you should not miss to listen to a breeze of Sound from the little Fuze!!!

Annother interesting hint: If one of you has ever the chance, to get close to some BOSE QC3 Noise cancelling

For that you can easily use the originally supplied cable that comes with the player.

The units are well communicating via the USB controlled interfaces.

All that You need is a Stereo-set  with an USB-Interface.

If I want to charge the Unit, I am eather using the computer USB-interface or a plugin wall charger with an USB interface.

than usual.

Reason: I am using a Sansa Fuze with natural supplied cable on my Stereo equipment if I want to listen to the files a bit louder

I have been reading through this pages a while and did not really catch the problems with all this wiring and cables!

Hi all

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Anyone have a Sansa LOD for sale?

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WhiiteRaven, the AMS chip does have 2 dedicated line inputs. There most likely is no hardware connection on the Fuze board to the chip pins and no enable in the firmware. Maybe the next generation Fuze or another model will enable it. This chip is loaded with features that are not used in the Fuze.

Yeah, the AMS 3525 datasheet shows that it has a lot of capabilities.  2 line-ins, 2 mic-ins, 1 line-out, 1 headphone-out, 1 speaker-out.

Presumably one of the line-ins is used by the FM radio chip (Si4702 according to Rockbox folks), and one of the mic-ins is used by the internal microphone.

It seems really surprising that Sansa would leave the spare line-in totally disconnected, even if none of their current accessories or firmware can use it.  Apparently 18 out of 30 pins on the Sansa dock connector are currently unaccounted for … seems surprising if none of them is a line-in.  Any thoughts on how to figure out which pins those could be?

Finding the line-in connections (if attached to traces) won’t be easy. The SOC needs to be removed due to it having no exposed edge pins. It is pad mounted with all connections under the case. Even if it is there, you need firmware that enables it. I have no need for line-in, so I have better things to do with the Fuze:

Recently picked up a defective Klipsch iGroove SXT with volume problems. Got that worked out tonight, and now I’m working on modding the dock connector from iPod to Fuze. Initial checking looks to be a easy mod for charging and line-out feed to the SXT. Don’t think it will be possible to do function control and I probably won’t waste time trying. Functions will have to be done on the Fuze, SXT will just have volume control for it’s amp. Hope my iPod pinout is correct, or I might blow a Fuze!!!