display shows defective images

hello everybody,

I’d be really pleased if you hepled me…

lately, my sansa fuze 8GB (+ additional miniSD Card 4GB) is defectively showing awkward images.

i uploaded some that i photographed so you can check visually:



I already formatted the player and the SDcard on the computer, but there was no change

i also managed to format the device in the player menu, as the display sometimes shows the menu and the point you selected with the wheel in a mirror-image (uploaded photo 2), but the distortion of the display did not stop

thank you for your help!

You could try manually re-applying the firmware. If that doesn’t cure it, it’s toast. Get a new one.

Have you tried holding the power switch(about 10-15 seconds)? That happened to me once, and I had to perform a hard-shutdown. try it.