Display not displaying

I got my 2 gb Sansa Express yesterday, charged and used it.  It seemed to be working fine.  Turned it on this morning, and accidentally hit something.  The display disappeared, and it will not come back.  I’ve hit every button multiple times, I’ve tried the reset, I’ve turned it off and on, etc, but nothing.  The FAQ page didn’t seem to have any answers. Can anyone help?  

I am using this with a Mac, OSX  10.4.11 if that matters. 

Thanks very much! 

The problem you’re describing is one that happens to mine about twice a month on average.It seems to malfunction whenever “auto-Start” functions are enabled for removable devices in my computer. 

I’m using Windows so I’m not sure if this will help but…here it goes:

step 1:With display facing you & on the left, Hold in BOTH volume buttons w/ both thumbs (continue holding them in while performing step 2)

step 2:With left index finger hold in power button (continue holding it in while performing step 3)

step 3:With right index finger hold in menu button (not the center select button) HOLD ALL FOUR BUTTONS IN AT LEAST 15 SECONDS or UNTIL THE DISPLAY COMES ON!

I hope this works for you. Not sure why it works for me.

   P.S. If it doesn’t work at first just give it another try. 

         Seems like I had some luck one time doing this…1st: slide the hold switch on and…2nd: hold in the POWER & VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same excact time! (hold them in for at least 15 seconds)