Display is blank !

I bought and 8gb Clip a few weeks ago.  I updated to the newest firmware the day i bought it.  Over the past week… the player would skip/pause once in a while… while playing songs.  Then 2 days ago… it seemed to be running slow while navigating throught the artists. I could hold down and scroll… it would go through 10… then pause… then continue.  Now the display won’t come on at all.  The blue circle light comes on… and it plays songs… but I can’t navigate through anything now.  I tried a soft reset and a hard reset.  Any other suggestions ?  Earlier today… the display mysteriously came on for about an hour… Now it’s been off the rest of the day.  A couple days ago… I switched from MTS mode to MSC mode… formatted the player… and reloaded songs.  Would this have anything to do with it ?  I can connect to the computer… and see the folders on the PC… but still no display on the clip.

I let the player rest overnight… and when I turned it on this morning… the display lit up.  It showed boot screen with “Sansa”.  However that’s all it did… hung on the “Sansa” screen.  The clip did start playing music… and operating normal otherwise…  I held the power button up for 20 seconds… to reset it.  When i turned it on again… nothing.  No display this time.

Format again, then reapply the firmware.  If that doesn’t fix it it could be a hardware problem.

Ok, i just updated the firmware again… with the newest version.  I let it load and then turned the player back on… still a blank display.  Now it seems to be in MTS mode… so I can’t see any of my music on there now in Windows.  Is there a way to control the device with the PC ? and swtich it back to MSC mode ?  Are there any other utilties to manage the device while connected via USB ?

How did you format it? And did you format it as FAT or FAT32? 8GB should be formatted as FAT32 to assure the larger 32kb clusters. If using Windows to format (MSC mode) DO NOT select the ‘Quick Format’ option.

I did a normal format as FAT32.  Not quick.  I formatted with MSC… and made sure there were no files on the device. Then i dropped the newest firmware on the root… unplugged and let it load.  Still no display.  I guess if this isn’t a known issue… my player must have gone defective… Now it’s just a flash drive with lights.

Well, it seems as though you have done everything you could (and correctly). I think it’s time to call 1-866-Sandisk for a RMA warranty replacement.

Yes, i called them set up an RMA, it was deemed defective.  I just received a brand new in the box sealed player yesterday !  Sandisk is a great company to deal with.

Good Deal! Glad to hear! :smiley: