Dispatcher Freezes at Launching

I just bought the Clip+. I was trying to load music and the display keps showing Connected with the Clip+ graphic. When I tried to update the firmware, Dispatcher got to Launching Dispatcher and hung there for 20 minutes. I finally shut it down. Windows 7 Home 32 bit see and reads the CLIP+ but I cannot add files. I already reset the device.

I bought the Clip+ because it has a MicroSD port and I’m going on an overseas flight in 5 days.

Now what?

Well, it’s been three years and still no answer. Still have the problem. And updating the firmware doesn’t work because the updater won’t load.

What is “dispatcher”?

By any chance, is the plastic sticker that SanDisk puts over the front display, to protect the player’s display, still on the player?  If so, be sure to peel it off, so that you can see the display–there often is a small tab on the bottom of the sticker, to help with that.  And believe it or not, this happens.