diskfull message when copy song to MP3 while there are only some songs on it

I’ve just bought a Sansa m250 MP3 2.0 GB player, the shop copied 50 songs into it on a folder call “Record” when I check this property PC shows 650MB, when I check Sansa property, PC shows 1.89GB and 0 Byte free. How could this happens, I believe that there are still some space left as I still can record something.

When I try to copy a song into “Record” folder, an error message “disk full” appears. anyone know why please help, thanks

Maybe it had pre-loaded stuff on it. If you format the player and re-load your music, does the same thing happen?


I have deleted all MP3 song in “Record” folder, it’s free up 650 MB space and there are 1.3BG used space but my computer does not list ant files on this MP3 Player, howvever, I still can listen to many songs on it despite there is no file listed when checked by computer, so what sort of format of these 1.3GB songs that computer is unable to recognise, thanks for help.



I say format.  Nothing a good ole fashion format cant fix!