Disk Not Formatted

My Sansa Clip+ stopped working in the middle of a song. Blank screen. If I connect it to the computer, the Clip’s disk is recognized; however, when I try to access it, I get a “Disk not formatted – Do you want to format it?” type of message. (I didn’t accept the Windows formatting, of course.)

Can you reset the Clip+?  (Hold the on switch down for 15-30 seconds.)

Can you run a Windows chkdsk on the Clip+'s drive?  (Right click on the Clip+ drive, choose Properties, Tools tab, Error-checking.)

I think I also recently read that you can use Windows to try to repair the drive, under Windows’ disk tools (I’m not sure if this is the same as chkdsk–you might try a search on that here or on the Clip board).

And then, if you don’t mind losing your files, you could try a reformat under the Clip+'s System options (or via Windows, if you can’t via the Clip+ itself).

For whatever reason, it started working again today. First it got stuck on the SanDisk “flower” for half a minute, but after that everything was OK (and it doesn’t get stuck on the flower anymore when I turn it on).

This said: yes, I’d tried to reset the Clip+; sorry, I should have specified that from the get-go. As for reformating the disk: no, I couldn’t do it through the Clip+, since it didn’t even turn on; I could have done it though Windows, but wouldn’t it have made the Clip+ unusable (by wiping out its firmware)?

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Good to hear it came back to life!

I haven’t reformatted via Windows, but my understanding, from what I’ve read here, is that it doesn’t wipe out the firmware.