Disk image to upgrade firmware from linux?

I recently bought the a 240GB Ultra II SSD, and I wanted to make sure I’m using the latest firmware. To my surprise, there is no way to upgrade the firmware from Linux.

My current firmware version is X31200RL (The disc description states this)

is it the latest one?

Are there any links to the upgrade image that I missed? Even if you can confirm I’m at the latest firmware right now, I would like to be able to upgrade in the future if a new one appears.

A simple link to download the iso file would be enough, since most Linux users are advanced users anyway.


you have the latest FW for the Ultra II SSD. If a FW is released sandisk  posts ISO that can be burned to a CD for updating on Mac and Linux on this forum and the sandisk Knowledgebase. 


I was starting to worry. Thank you!

I have a new 480G Ultra II with firmware version X31200RL that is yielding the 2100: Detection error

on my Lenovo T420.   This is a common problem with Samsung SSDs on Lenovos, and the solution

appears to be a firmware update in those cases.  I’m running Ubuntu.  Do you have any advice about

this problem?