Disk errors after a couple of years

We use a variety of Sandisk SSD’s, and have a few 480GB Pros. One has started giving disk errors after a short time relative to the 10 year claimed lifetime, and is failing to reallocate sectors. What’s the best approach to checking the health of the disk and verifying officially that there is an issue so we can then RMA it if necessary?

download the sandisk ssd dashboard to check the health of the drive. if there is a hardware issue with the drive you can request an rma online

sandisk ssd dashboard


online rma request form


Thanks for the guidance, will be doing so shortly.

Macrium failed when trying to image the drive, however when we ran the sandisk dashboard both the regular and extended tests report no drive errors. So it’s failed both in use and when imaging, but aparantly it’s fine. Is there any other official tool that does a full read to include as evidence, or could it be RMA’d anyway?

you can request an RMA anyway. Just let them know about the failures and they should replace it. 

the problem is in the software i see the same problem

the problem is in the software i see the same problem


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