Disappearing SSD Syndrome

I upgraded my PC with a 256GB SanDisk Ultra Plus.  All well until Windows updates started arriving…

After certain updates, I would find my PC with a ‘BootMgr Missing’ message.

This was due to the SSD becoming completely invisible to BIOS and the HDD not having an OS installed.

The (simple!) fix I found was to plug the SSD into a different SATA port and re-boot.

All well again for many weeks but another Windows update has bombed me again.

Did a bit of googling and found reference to ‘Disappearing SSD Syndrome’…which accurately describes my problem.

Question: Is this a known issue with this SSD?  If so, what is the permanent fix?

Hi rrolls,

Did you have a fix by the time? My same 256 GB Ultra Plus has began to have the same behaviour since a few days ago.

SSD ran well since a few months, nothing changed (except Ubuntu upgrade a few weeks ago, that permanently fixed a ‘black screen at wake up one time out of two’, and worked well), and since one week a black screen on boot time or resume from sleep.

SSD is then not recognized in BIOS (asrock 990fx extreme3).

If no fix, anybody has any idea (except RMA)?

Thanks in advance


      Sorry, I gave up waiting for someone to respond on this forum so I haven’t been checking.

I upgraded the firmware on the SSD to revision X2306RL and the problem went away!

Hope the same thing works for you!

thanks for sharing the solution…!