Disappearing playlist problems

I’ve seen lots of problems concerning Playlists, but I couldn’t find my specific problem.  So here goes.

I have the Clip+ with 8gb and the latest firmware.  I get my music through Rhapsody.  I am using W7 64bit.  When I create one or more playlists on Rhapsody and then disconnect the Clip+ all the playlists, but one have disappeared.  And the one that has remained no longer has the name I gave it, but is back to the generic “New Playlist.”  It doesn’t matter if I use USB autodetect or MTP.  I also tried using MSC and creating the folders in the playlists, but again it popped back to a single New Playlist.

I have used a fuze and an e280r and even a c200 for years without this type of problem

Anybody?  HELP!

Well I fixed it.  I don’t get it, but it works.  Plug into computer in autodetect mode.  Open Music folder.  Click through to any song.  Right click and Create Playlist.  From then on it will be in Rhapsody and you can continue to drag songs into it.  You can even delete all songs and the playlist will remain.