Disappearance of shutdown "Goodbye" message?

Hi. I just noticed that in the thread on the latest firmware, somebody asked whether the Fuze “Goodbye” message vanished for other people after the firmware update.

The “Goodbye” message disappeared on mine last year around the time of the .28 firmware patch. I actually thought it was intentional at the time!

Anyway, could someone of the Sansa gurus explain where the message is supposed to reside and whether I could’ve deleted it or something? And if there’s any way to regain it.

I’d like it back, even if it is a cosmetic detail. :slight_smile:

What region did you choose when you set it up?  I ask because my sansa clips would only say goodbye when set to the US region and it annoyed me no end.  I’m not entirely sure why…

I can corroborate that.  It wouldn’t say goodbye for Rest of the World, but when set to North America the goodbye message returned.


Oh, darn – you’re absolutely correct! It only displays “Goodbye” when set to North America, not Europe or the Rest of the World. Never even occurred to me to see if *that* was the trigger.

Well, speaking of the case - case closed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to find out why this was the case but never got a reply from sandisk.  Still not entirely sure why a) it only works in North America and b) I cared so much.  Meh…

It’s probably just a touch, coded for the English (US) market.  Come to think of it, I’d love the device to switch between “goodbye”, “cheers”, “ciao”, “au revoir”, depending upon the selected language.

I haven’t probed around in a while, I remember seeing the exit message file a while back.  “Goodbye” is the only message in firmware currently, at least, it was when I looked.  Funny, I never gave other regional differences a thought, assuming that the message always displayed.  Of course, the font was changed too.

I just had a thought.  Like the Sansa color splash, a cool montage of “goodbye” messages in all languages would be sublime, breaking up like the colors do…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Bob, that’d be awesome.