Disable M230 "Album Title" Display?

I’m still using an old Sandisk M230 that was given to me years ago.

It’s proven to be a tough reliable player, that I listen to all day long, nearly every day.

But I have one complaint:  the way it displays the song title along with the album title crawling ever so slowly across the display.  When I hear a song and want to see the title of it, I often have to wait for the album title to oh so slowly scroll across the screen, then a long blank gap that scrolls, and finally the song title slowly crawls onto the screen one letter at a time.

Is there a way to configure it so that it displays only the song title without displaying the album title too?

I tried using MP3Tag to delete the album titles from the MP3s on the M230.  But even though Windows Explorer showed the “Album Title” column as empty.  When I played those MP3s on the M230, the album titles still hogged the display.  Argh!

Any ideas?

Will in Seattle

a.ka. “Clueless”

There’s no way I know of to change the way the dispaly reads in the Sansa firmware. You can edit the tags to eliminate the Album Title if you want, but I wouldn’t do it. If you do, they won’t show up in the Album menu list. If you’re using MP3Tag to edit your tags, make sure you do it with the files on your computer. Delete the ones on the player and then transfer over the newly-edited ones. That way the changes should ‘stick’.

Thanks, Tapeworm.