Digital voice recorders and wireless transmissions

A friend of mine mentioned that you can get wireless transmissions over a digital voice recorder. I have received a phantom voice on an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and he says that someone transmitted the voice to my recorder. Is this really possible, since I would think that voice recorders are just that, a voice recorder, and not a two way radio.

To receive transmissions, I would assume that your device would have to have a receiver of some sort built into it or have a receiver attached–likewise a Bluetooth chip or receiver, for example.

I don’t think so. That is scientifically impossible to me.

A pocket digital voice recorder is encoding the audio signal as a basic PCM digital file (WAV format) at a specific sampling rate. It may also compress this file to MP3 format, again at a different data rate.

To think that a wireless signal would end up entwined in tha audio signal would first require a decoding of the stray digital signal and then a mixing. It just wouldn’t happen with a digital signal imposed over an analog sample.

If the signal level (RF) of a digital transmission would be picked up, it would not be an analog voice you could interpret. It would be a digital “hash” in the background.

Bob  :wink: