Digital Snow Screen Corruption

I have a Sansa Fuze 8gb, and have kept the firmware up to date, checking the website once a month for the newest version.

However, no matter what version I’m using there is a very strange corruption on my Fuze.

I have squares of ‘snow’ covering most of the screen, and what isn’t covered by the snow it’s a corrupt squished/stretched/multiplied version of what the screen should be

It doesn’t matter what is on the screen, the main menu, song list, playing a video or even the charging/writing screen when it’s plugged in;the screen is a mess of digital snow and corruption.

Plugging my Fuze into my computer can correct this, typically fixing itself after recharging and rebooting but it usually only keeps it fixed for 15-30 minutes. I’ve noticed that the corruption is limited to the screen itself, I can still listen to music, but that’s only through blind clicking to get through the menus.

My Fuze isn’t very old; I got it for Christmas last year and I haven’t used it overly much, a few hours per week.

Is there anything I can do to correct this for good? I don’t think I can return this to the store, being long after the Christmas season and having no clue where my parents could have put the receipt (assuming they kept it). Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try re-loading the latest firmware. If the same issue happens, you can call SanDisk for your replacement.