Digital audio player 1gb too slow

Hello my name is martin i´m new in the forum
sory about my english, i´m learning yet.

Well i have two Digital audio players (i´m a fan of this players xD).

  1. SDMX1 - 512R      (i think version 1)     version 0.97c          firmware 2004/10/26
  2. SDMX1 - 1024R    V2                            version 2.0.007a    firmware 2005/09/09  (i have the problem with this)

well the first (512R) function very very well, with .mp3 songs goes a litlle slow but i compress the file to wma, and goes perfect, like: when you acces the root, it´s very fast, when u stop the song, fast, when you enters the menu (playing a song) it´s really fast too, not pass a half a second that the functions works. i love that.

But, the other (1024R v2) really go slow (not to much) but slow, when you enter the root (having wma or mp3) goes like mp3 in 512, when enter the menu i have to wait 2 seconds =(, when pause a song, wait 1 second. I think that the v2 version is the problem or the firmware. and this firmware don´t have “play speed”, “fast skip”, “level meter” (in the display), eathier “format” function =(=( i am really desapointed.

I have traied the update firmware for the 1024 one, and don´t let me put some other firmwares, just seach for the new one, that is 2.0.007a
I want to put the firmware of 512 in 1024, but i think that will doesn´t work cause of the version. i think i need a firmaware old version that goes much faster.

Well thank you all for reading this
and i hope there will be a solution :slight_smile:


This link may help you with your firmware issues, although it doen’t look like it’s possible to rollback to an earlier version of firmware…

Yeah I noticed that too.

I have an SDMX1 256R v2 and an SDMX1 1024R v2. The 1024R is a little slower to respond than the 256R. I think it has something to do with the fact that the player has a larger capacity to scan.

The point is that it is normal. It has nothing to do with the version of the firmware.