Differentiate between listened/unlistened items?

Is there any chance we could get such a feature in a future firmware upgrade? Maybe dimming the titles of book chapters/podcast episodes that had been played? :neutral_face: Or prefixing the titles of unlistened items with an asterisk, the way current settings are marked in the Settings menu?.. (pretty pease, Sandisk!)

Doubt it. SanDisk has never done this with any of their mp3 players going back several years now.

But a nice idea!   :slight_smile:

@miikerman wrote:

But a nice idea!   :slight_smile:

Right? *sigh* Between the file sorting issues (can’t get files sorted by track no matter what I do - it seems to ignore the ID3 values, and prefixing filenames with track #s doesn’t seem to do the trick either), the constant USB connection problems and other issues like the menu slowness, Sport will most likely be the last Sansa model I bought. I just keep hoping they’ll do something to rehabilitate it. 

WOW. You are gonna submit this advice to SanDisk’s HQ?