Different Fuze Hardware?

SanDisk has just released the 01.01.22 and 02.01.17 firmwares… for different Fuze hardwares?

Pls confirm, what differences are?


Different PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Unless you just bought yours in the past week or so, you most likely have Rev.1. Don’t worry about the other one.

You can confirm which you have by the existing firmware version as explained in the firmware sticky post.

Yes, I’ve upgrade firmware to v01.01.22…already

Just curious what happen to 1st gen of Fuze… so Sandisk decide to replace Fuze PCBs ?

Any differents chips?

…why am I feel so unlucky as Fuze 1st gen buyer… :frowning:

It’s a production change.  SanDisk has opted to provide both variants identical functionality, so you aren’t missing out with a Rev. 1 unit.

Firmware releases are done in parallel, so everyone can enjoy a happy Fuze.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thx Bob;

just not logic… if Sandisk replacing Fuze production line…

if there is nothing wrong in first place… 

The design of an electronic device changes in production, as device tolerances are found, as batches of components don’t quite work well in the final product, as components are omitted from the board, et cetera.

Often, a device supplier comes up with a revision necessitating small circuit changes.  Circuits designed to work as buffers become amplifiers, and vice versa.

Remember, there’s an analog component to all digital circuits, and these machines are subject to all kinds of interactions at the circuit level, making sure that devices communicate with eachother.

Often, a supplier may substitute a newer production version of a chip that needs different parameters in operation.  These parameters are in the firmware.

We’ve come a long way from trimpots and hand-tweaked inductors.

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