differences in USB mode causing issues with firmwares ????

Hi Sansa guys…

Just wanted to share my own experience and get some answers…

When I just received my Sansa Clip+ I ripped one of my cds and put it in… all perfect. It came with the 01.02.15 firmware, and then, the same day I updated the 01.02.18 firmware manually. All i listen is FLAC, so I continue to rip my cds using EAC for perfect tagging. Suddenly the sansa got frozen at track 5 on one of the albums, and after experimenting with different rip methods just the untagged rips were rid of this problem. Some more albums with all their tags continued to frozen at track 5 or 6, always those at those numbers.

Yesterday, tired of it, I downgraded the Sansa to 01.02.15, and then listen to a copule of those same troubled albums and NO FROZEN SANSA… it flowed perfectly. So I was thinking what did I do wrong???

then I remembered that when I first updated the firmware manually on my PC I didn´t know about the USB mode, it was on AUTO and used the MTP mode without knowing. This time I used the MSC mode, and well, it seem all perfect now… So… were the 01.02.18 firmware not updated correctly?? was that the reason I was having those issues??? If I updated to 01.02.18 again, using MSC this time, will I have those same issues again???

What do yo think guys?

thank you in advance!

Updating the firmware will change the USB setting back to the default, Auto Defect, which as you know will connect in MTP mode if possible.

After updatiing, you must go into your settings on the player and manually change it to MSC mode. :wink:

Well… I did it…

It was not the USB MODE. It was the  01.02.18 firmware  itself. It has problems with FLAC files on tagged albums. The curious thing is that the problem is either with track 5 or 6. When one of those tracks ends, the Sansa player freezes or reboot itself.

I re upgraded the unit to  01.02.18 firmware  and presented the probem again, then I downgraded to  01.02.15 again and no problem, then upgraded to  01.02.16 and  no problem.

Its the  01.02.18 firmware.  Or maybe my unit has problems with that firmware.

PD: one thing got my attention: with the . 15 and . 16 firmwares, the sansa does not freez, but there is one “click” sound at the end of either one of those same troubled tracks (5 and 6 track of the albums) that caused the sansa to frozen on the  01.02.18 firmware. 

That’s odd. Is it possible to you to upload a couple samples of the ‘problem’ FLAC files to a file-hosting site and provide a link to them here? This is something the SanDisk dev. team would probably want to check out. If there is in fact an issue with the latest firmware, they would want to fix it with an update.

Others can also download and test the files in their machines and report their experiences here.

a´ll try to upload a couple of them, as soon as I get home.

thank you for the tip

Well… I uploaded the tracks that caused my sansa to froze. As you can see I’m a big film music fan hehe…

hope someone find it useful…


Thank you Oscarilbo, I had a similar problem, and I too have found just now that the downgrade to 01.02.16 seems to have made the problem go away.  Much appreciated!