Did my Clip suddenly die?

I first want to say that by FAR the Clip is my favorite Mp3 Player and i hate the fact that it’s been discontinued … I would rather get another new one of these vs the new model and to be fair I have already sort of accepted that my player died … it’s been 5 years and 2 months of HEAVY (nearly daily) use and in the hot Florida sun for allot of that time … I wish it lasted longer but I am 100% happy with it.

anyway, today at the end of a long walk … I noticed the player suddenly turn off out of nowhere (at least a 50% charge) … the screen was not on but … turned white/white-ish grey in some spot… not sure if its a backlight issue or if if it’s humidity right under the glass… anyway … ever since that moment it would not turn on and not even turn on when i plugged it into my PC or the wall outlet (w/ the adapter I got the day I boughti t) … I am pretty sure (this is sort of repeating myself) the will not even recognize in my Linux install (it always did get seen no problem … evne the SD card) 

what I did notice is that while its not a huge button and I admit it was in a case all these years … the power button seems “stuck down” ,… like even though it was always small …there is no “play” to push the button down now.  

ALso that “white screen” … eh best i can come up with for a comparision, is perhaps a CRT TV screen going bad … just (unit off) a white like kaleidoscope-like pattern that over a few seconds seem to change and when i got back inside went away… 

I tried (again this is 5+ years old) so not under warrenty  to pry this open to see if it was say dirt and debrey somehow inside getting the power button stuck, but I think it may be the battery going.

More of a “just curious” thing … does anyone know what this sounds like may have happened? … I wish i could fix this but I have accepted it’s probably gone … if i could get this fixed for a certain price (given the only places that seem to have this model that I love, are price gouging  the preowned models), I may not be against that.   If i could be pretty comfirdent that i may get it refurbed/fixed and it may last another few years. 

thanks for anyone who has read all of this and may have any input