Device not working


I have formatted my Sansa express 1 gb mistakenly, through windows shortcut menu.

Now my device shows ‘Building Database’ Status for few seconds and then shuts down.

Could anybody help me to resolve this.


you can try to  synchronize with your windows media player,  open your media player and try to sycronize your sansa express, too you can try to insert a microsd and plug your sansa in your machine(this two things work with me :robottongue:)

Thanks for reply,

I have tried to sync by WMP but its not working.

is there any way to resolve this without a sdcard.


Try this to see if it works. From Captain_Morgan:

Open the Device Manager, right click on the Express, Update Driver, “No, not at this time.”, Next, “Install from a list or specific location.”, Next, “Don’t search.  I will choose the driver to install.”, Next,  “USB Mass Storage Device”, Next…

When you want it back in MTP mode, just do the same as above, but choose MTP Device.

This might do it for you: