Device Not Fully Detected by Computer

I have an 8GB Sansa Fuze (v2). When I connect it to the computer (Windows XP), it looks like it’s connected fine. It starts charging and gives the little popup “What would you like to do with this device?” However, when I go to [My Computer], it isn’t assigned a Drive Letter. Prior to reformatting my computer and device (I do both regularly) and updating the firmware, it was assigned the drive (F:). (I last reformatted a month ago) Now it’s just treated like a folder that I dragged and dropped there. Also, when I go to [Computer Management] (Right Click [My Computer] > Manage) and go to [Disk Management], it isn’t detected as being existent on my computer. It isn’t even detected by the Disk Defragmenter, when my flash drive is. The Fuze is detected but at the same time not detected. I’ve been told that because of this, the device may not fully be able to function properly, like when Syncing with WMP.

Either way I put the USB mode (MTP or MSC), it isn’t fully detected. I have the Sansa Fuze driver installed, and I’ve re-installed it twice, with no avail.

Also, would this have anything to do with the fact that now, when I sync, the Fuze detects the music files as being twice as large than they really are? I put 3GB of music on it, and it’s detected as 6GB.

Reformat the player using the player’s menu. Assuming you don’t have protected music, set the usb mode on the player to msc. Copy and paste the music to your player using Windows Explorer.

If you have protected music, then set the player to mtp and use Windows media player to manually copy it to the player.

Never sync your player.

Don’t format the player using your pc unless absolutely necessary, and if you do, then format it again using the player’s menu.

I always reformat using Settings > Info > Format on the player.

But that doesn’t really help me problem. Like what if I want to use Rockbox on it?

The double size of the music library suggests you have put it on twice: once in MTP mode, once in MSC mode. Format the player from its menu, as you have been doing, and put it in MSC mode, and try connecting again. You might also try a different cord in case that is the problem.

@websurfer09 wrote:

Prior to reformatting my computer and device (I do both regularly) and updating the firmware, it was assigned the drive (F:). (I last reformatted a month ago)

OK, I gotta ask . . . Why?

Formatting should be used as a last resort to fix a problem, whether it be your computer or Fuze. Unless you really enjoy putzing & re-loading with these things rather than using them for their intended purpose.

Reformatting stuff makes it run faster.

Well, for my five year old laptop, it does. And it’s only once every year, at most.

Flash memory has a limited life, and reformating excessively will help wear it out prematurely. Defragmenting a mechanical hard drive once a month will help improve performance. With flash memory though, unless you are are constantly adding and deleting songs, fragmentation shouldn’t be an issue. Even if you are, fragmentation should just significantly affect time to write to the memory. When reading the memory, even if there is fragmentation, reading will still be fast enough so as not to affect playback performance. I guess formatting the player once every 3 or 6 months can’t hurt, but I wouldn’t want to do it more frequently than that.

 For those who don’t know, formatting deletes all songs, photos, videos, etc. stored on the player.