Device is "disconnected" when trying to copy files

When i try to copy files from my computer to the sansa clip it gives this error : (i’ll will translate it, so the message in english could be a little different)

“my_song.mp3 cannot be copied: the device stop responding or it disconnected”

The devise is not disconnected because i can delete files (i deleted a mp3 that came with the device). I try to copy the firmware but it gives me the same message. I have WMP 11. I hold the power button for 15 seconds when it was on and off and nothing changed. Any suggestion is welcome.

Suggestion:  Format your device using the Format option in the device Settigns.  Then upgrade to the latest firmware at this link

Then try again to see if you still have the same problem.

I can’t find the post that help me but i put de hold key and then while connecting it to the usb port i pressed the home key (or the key that has a home on top…)

i will update the firmware anyway


I think you might not do it right…you put device into HOLD and press-n-hold the center button (not the home key), the button in the middle of the ring WHILE plugging in the device…do not plug device in first and press-n-hold the button, it won’t work…you have to press-n-hold the button WHILE plugging in.