Device freezes on loading logo, doesn't connect to PC.

So my device is really well kept, brand new practically.

Today I was trying to listen to it, but the loading screen (with the flower-type logo) was frozen.

I resetted my device, and it turned it off.

I tried turning it on again, and what happened was: Sansa name and logo appeared, then the screen was black, then the name and logo appeared again, only to stay frozen on the logo part of the loading process.

I connected it to my PC, but it was as if I connencted nothing.

I’ve only had this device for few short months, and there’s no reason for it to die like this, so any ideas, help, or suggestions what I can do to fix it?

Thank you.

Hold the power button for longer than you think–count out 30 seconds. That is a hard reset. 

If that doesn’t help, call 1-866-SANDISK or the customer service number in your country.

Also, try forcing a connection to the computer. Connect the USB to the computer. Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Hold the << or center button down and plug the connector into the Sansa. 

Then you can reload the firmware. Go to the Firmware update link and look for the Manual method and the All Regions firmware.