Device doesn't refresh

I just added some music and expected the “Refreshing Media” message to come up when I disconnected from the computer.  it didn’t.  I rebooted.  still no “refreshing media” message…

I checked to make sure the new files were there with the folder view.  The files were there.   I also plugged it back into the computer to see the files were there.

Still no “refreshing media.”

I finally got it to refresh by removing the card and reinserting it.

shouldn’t it detect there are new files and automatically refresh on the next roboot?   that’s what my last Clip+ did.

any info is appreciated.

If it’s in MTP mode or Auto Detect under Settings/System Settings/USB Mode, it may not need to refresh. Maybe your other unit was in MSC mode (which is better).

thanks.   it did “need” to refresh because it would only show the new music I uploaded on the “folder” view and if i used the regular view the music wasn’t there (unless I removed the card and reinserted to “force” a refresh).

anyway I chnaged the mode to MSC, got an error that the internal drive was corrupted, reformatted it, reformatted the external card, re-uploaded the music, and now it seems to be refreshing automatically.

As an aside, i referred to the user manual a few times… that thing needs some work!   it should maybe explain what the different modes are or why to choose one or the other, and that you might lose all your music and have to reformat if you change modes.  luckily all my music is on my computer so even if i drop this thing in the toilet I’m OK.


The online knowledge base is a little better than the manual.

But here’s the gist of it:

The idea was that Windows users would use Windows Media Player/Sansa the way Mac users use iTunes/doPi. So Auto Detect defaults to MTP mode, controlled by Windows Media Player, if it detects WMP 10 or above. WMP is supposed to refresh in the background so you don’t get the long refresh times.

Subscription services like Rhapsody and some Audiobook software also like MTP because it can send over hidden lock/unlock codes.

Unfortunately, WMP is not as smooth as iTunes with Apple players, because Apple only has to work with its own gear and can test every piece of hardware. (And iTunes is a crazy resource hog, and tyrannical, and ugly, but don’t get me started.) Windows has to work with everyone else, inviting more variations and errors.

Meanwhile,  lots of people prefer direct control, offered by MSC (which also lets Apple and Linux users connect to Sansas), which sees the Sansa as two basic flash drives. 

It was good of SanDisk to offer the alternatives. Some players are MTP only, which is just ugly. But SanDisk could explain better, and the mode switch can be a real mess.

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