Device disappearing after 10-15 seconds

When I plug the Sansa Fuze into my PC (Windows XP Pro w/MP11) Windows detects the MP3 player and shows the autostart dialog.  If I choose “Open device to view files” or “Sansa Media Converter” I can browse the files on the player or launch the video converter respectively but after ~15 seconds the Fuze player disappears from Windows Explorer.  If I choose the option to “Sync digital media files to MP11”, WP11 will launch and display the Fuze device but after the ~15 seconds it will disappear and the status will read “Connect a Device”. 

I check Device Manager and under “Portable Devices” the Sansa Fuze is listed with an exclamation point next to it.

Under properties it shows:

“This device cannot start. (Code 10)
Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.”

If I right click and choose to update the drivers then it eventually finds an “MTP Device” and re-launches the autostart dialog.  Then the whole thing starts again.  If I change the Fuze to “MSC” mode then I can browse and add files indefinitely without Windows Explorer loosing the device. 

Any ideas on the cause and a fix?


I don’t have a handy link, but the new MTP protocol is no different from many things Microsoft…there’s a fix.  Look up and download the MTP Porting Kit , and this should help your issue!

If you do a search in the forums here, I’d bet there’s a link handy therein…

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Have you tried using a USB port close to your power source?  It sounds like it could possibly be a power issue.   

I installed the “Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit” from the following location but the same thing happens after I restarted my PC.

I don’t think it is the power, I have tried it in multiple USB slots and I have a large PSU for my system.

I tried to uninstall MP11 so I could reinstall it to see if new drivers would be put down but ran into some problems.  I followed the guide from MS:

As the guide stated, I did not have any entries for Windows Media Player 11 , so I checked under the Windows XP - Software Updates but it wasn’t there either.  There was a hotfix and a security update for MP11 but no listing for the player itself.  I removed both of these entries and restarted.  Then tried to remove the Windows Media Format 11 Runtime.  This gave me an error stating that “Program dependencies are blocking the rollback - MP11”.  But it is not listed anywhere.

So I went to MS and downloaded the installer for MP11 and ran it.  Restarted, launched the player, then went to Add/Remove and uninstalled it.  Right away it shows “Rollback complete” but it leaves the entry in Add/Remove even after a reboot and I still cannot remove the Media Format 11 Runtime.

Does anyone know how to manually remove MP11?


of course the obvious answer to removing WMP11 is Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, BUT if you can’t see WMP11 in the programs list , try checking the “Show updates” option at the top of the window (I have WMP10 so it shows that).

If that doesn’t work you’ll have to do manual uninstall which requires deleting registry information from Windows and other files. If you do a search in google or microsoft, they have extensive tutorials on how to do that.

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