Detection issues

I’ve had trouble with my Mp3 player out of the box and I have sent an email to my vendor , but they never returned my email. Bascially , It has detection issues, It was working fine before for about 4 minutes, Then it completely cut off and now nothing, Sometimes it will detect and undetect constantly. But most times it comes up with ‘Usb not recongized’ 

These are some things I have tryed in the past 


  • tested a different USB port.

  • other USB devices on the same ports work fine.

  • uninstalled USB drivers and reinstalled them.

  • windows is up to date

  • tried device on another computer Windows VISTA  which it worked fine

But I run Windows 7

I have recently done a clean install of windows 7, And facing the same issues with it.

I have also had sucess in the past not using my usb hub, Using the original short lead it came with, But now that doesnt seem to work.

It’s getting to the point where I’m thinking of just ditching it and buy a mp3 player from a shop so I actually have a warranty, Because I had this issue out of box and never had any way of getting a warranty. 

Have you tried using the USB mode, MSC? That usually solves connection issues.

And regardless of where you bought it, as long as it was purcheased new (and not re-furbed) and you are within the 1 year period (2 years in EU) it is still covered under SanDisk’s warranty.

You might also try a different USB-to-microUSB cord in case there’s a bad connection.

The USB-to-microUSB  is standard–lots of phones and cameras also use it, so you may already have one or can borrow one from a friend (or enemy).