desired features for audiiobook users


I have my audibooks as normal mp3 files, not from audible or so fort. And in all my previous players i have two features that are truly needed (at least the sorting one) regarding audiobooks:

  1. sorting the files alphabetically, not by id3 tags. All audibooks have consistent  filenames that can be sorted alphabetically, not all have id3 tags. Obviously not being able to sort a book makes hte book useless (and the player)

  2. being able to speed up the tempo of files (or slow it down). I explained why it is usefull for audiobooks here:

thanks a lot

just bought my sansa clip but my first audiobook cannot be sorted… :frowning:

I download audiobooks from netlibrary and they are very large files. A bookmarking option would be great.  Without this you just have to shut off the unit and it continues where you left off but you can’t do anything else without losing your place. It is very frustrating.


Sansa PLEASE put in book mark feature. Rock box can do it already if ou want to mess with the firmware overide

Also a progressive speed fast forward reverse would also help. I audio does both also.

Trying to listen to books with hour long segments and fast forewasding in 20m second clips to get 45 minutes into a chapter is NO GOOD. PLus you need to write down where you closed the book.  I made the mistake of listenig to music (god forbid) after listening to a book and checking where I had left the book. It took 30 minutes to find the spot.

PS : I’m using Overdrive Media-  approx 1 hour segments.

I am hoping Sandisk is addressing the issue of tha lack of bookmarking on all players. 

True Bookmarking of long files would give Sandisk a much sought after feature.  Many people have returned their Sandisk players in favor of the Creative Zen V because of similar size capacity and the ability to place up to 10 bookmarks within different files…  Bookmarks that allow the user to return to any one of the 10 Bookmarks they have set in any of the files on the player.