Deleting voice and FM recordings

I am thinking of purchasing a 2GB Express.

Can anyone tell me if voice and FM recordings can be deleted from the unit itself, or can it only be deleted when connected to a PC.

I have a C240, and the recordings cannot be deleted from the device itself … annoying.

Also, how does the display look outdoors?  Read several complaints about not being able to read in outdoor light.

Thanks for any input.


You should be able to delete recordings from either unit.

I’ve never used my Express outdoors, but I didn’t have any trouble reading the similar display on my Clip.  Then again, I instinctively shade things so I can read them better outdoors.


Thanks for the input on the display.

I can delete recordings from my C240, but only using the computer, there’s not an option in the player’s menu options to delete them wiyhout connecting to a PC.  Wondering if I would be able to delete recordings without connecting to a PC.


If you like to delete recordings and be able to see outdoor, Clip is a much better device.  As for Sansa Express, you cannot delete recording on the device, you have to use the PC.

Huh.  I know the older devices had that ability.  Never noticed that they took it out.