Deleting SE content?

I have the latest update installed now and are more than happy to use it in USB mode,my qestion is…there are numerous files and folders on the player which came with it,i am not sure if i need them or not? On my last player (cheap chinese MP4 player) i got rid of everything and it was fine,all i want is to see a folder with mp3’s in it,press play at mp3 1, and let it play through,such as a mp3 audio book.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The player’s reliance on ID3 might frustrate you a bit…  as for the files already on it, some are used by the MP3 player for database purposes, so they’ll always be there…  if you want to clean it up, just use the internal Format option and then turn it off and back on.  At that point, only a few files will be there, and they’ll take up minimal space.