Deleting Recordings

Hello, i bought the Fuze last month and I’m really happy with it, especially love the FLAC and OGG Vorbis support. I usually record with my Fuze every day 1 hour of speech. When i connect it to my PC ( I’m running Vista with MSC mode) i cut and paste these recordings to my PC. When i disconnect it from the pc and go under Voice --> Listen to a recording the recordings i removed before are still there. If i try to listen to them obviously they wont play, but with the new Firmware i can’t even delete them. Before i updated my FM I could at least delete them one by one.

Is this a known issue?


P.S. Would it be possible by any chance to have Musepack codec support? Because it seems that it sounds better at the same bit rate than MP3 and even OGG vorbis.

I agree about the MusePack support, MPC(musepack) offers STELLER quality and crazy fast/easy decoding, most likely the use of MPC over other formats would EXTEND batt life even more :slight_smile:

it shouldnt be to hard to add support for musepack, and it would be another selling point(there are still alot of musepack fans out there that would LOVE a PMP that can play MPC files :slight_smile:

I am quite a fan of MPC myself, and the SV8(current build) just adds more reason to love it :)