deleting fm presets in rockbox

 I installed rockbox  to my sansa clip plus, and I  find that it gives a plethora of options (you might say a flood) that are unavailable in the original firmware. However, one annoying omission is  that there is no way to delete an individual  radio preset (the only option is to clear the list). I would like to edit and name the auto scan presets as well. Also the sheer complexity of the new interface makes even what was a simple task (listening to the radio)  a chore compared to how straightforward it was in the original firmware.

  For day to day use, I think I will be using the original Sansa firmware.This Rockbox thing is unnecessarily  complicated but I will check it  out anyway. Thankfully I have the option to uninstall it or to boot to the original firmware. 

 The “pitch bug” has been significantly reduced though not eliminated. In RB the error has gone from 0.25% on the sansa firmware to about 0.05%. This is still a large enough error to be measured with a basic frequency counter capable of 0.1 hz resolution, even though I  have to admit it should be completely undetectable even to the most critical musically trained person