Deleting damaged file

A few months ago someone gave me an audiobook to listen to on a flashdrive. I manually dragged the files into my Clip. The book will not play and I want to remove the files. The problem is that the files do not show up when I look Clip’s contents at via My Computer. The title does show up on the Clip’s menu screen. How can I remove the damaged files?

Thank you - 

Hi again =)

Please check the contents on your Clip in MSC mode and in MTP mode when connected to the computer. Those two are treated as two seperate directories and cannot be seen at the same time on the computer.

If you still can’t find them, I suggest doing a device format (from settings) or a MSC format (connect in MSC mode and right click and choose format in my computer).

Performing a format will delete all content off your drive (including ones you do not want to get rid of), so back up anything you would not want disappear.


Ok. Will do. Thanks again!

Keeping in mind that I’m running Windows via Paralles, so it might be different for someone on a actual PC, I couldn’t see the damaged files in My Computer when in MTP and I couldn’t see the Clip at all when in MSC mode. So, I ran the format command on the device and cleared everything off of it. I’ll go reload a couple of books and should be good to go. Thank you again.