Deleting books from Sansa 260

I can’t delete books from my Sansa. I tried doing it through the computer as directed. Now I can’t see the files, and they’re not in my Recycle Bin, but they’re still on the Sansa and they still play. An alternate approach suggested that while playing the track, go to Music Options and select ‘remove.’  Nice idea, but all I have to choose from are repeat, shuffle, and music EQ.  I can’t find ‘remove’ anywhere (although I’ll swear that I saw it somewhere, I just don’t know where.) Any ideas, short of jack this up, and put a new MP3 player under it, and start all over?

First, tell us what model of Sansa you have. 260 simply indicates you have a 4GB memory size. There are ‘C’, ‘M’ & ‘E’ series.

Look here and see if you can identify your player:

It says GB on the back. Is that what you’re looking for?


Follow the link and look at the pictures of the older players and see which one you have. Then tell us.