Deleted the Music file..

While uploading music to Media Player, I accidently deleted the Music folder on the Internal Memory of the FUZE player. When I turned the player on to see if it was there after resetting to factory settings, it was there. But When I go to upload music to the folder its not read in the folder on the actual player, Only on the PC! The files include MP3 files and WMA files. How do I get music to be readable on the player? or What can I do to start over again? 

In distress,


It doesn’t matter that you deleted the Music folder. You can actually put music almost anywhere, or in a folder you name yourself,  except for Podcasts, Audiobooks, Photos and Temp, which are treated differently.

But where did those files go? Hmmmm…

Under Music on the Fuze screen, look in Artist for Unknown. Or scroll down past Artist, Album, etc., onto a second page and see if you can find the music under Folders.

If the files are there, what’s probably happening is that the tags–electronic labels in the files that are how the unit lists Album, Artist, etc.-- are in the wrong format. The Fuze is way too picky about its tags, unfortunately.

Music on the Fuze screen isn’t actually a folder. It’s a database, listing info from the tags.

You can fix them for the Fuze with mp3tag. It’s free.

When you install mp3tag, during install you’ll have an option to add to context menus. Allow that–it means you can click on a folder of mp3s and have mp3tag open it. After it’s installed,  fix the tag format:  Under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg make the Write option ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Fuzes think those are ultra-tasty.

Open the album folder with mp3tag, highlight everything and under File, Save to change them to ID3v-23 ISO-8859-1.

Another thing you can do, while you’re in there, is go to Tools/Options/Auto-Numbering Wizard, make sure the files are in playing order top to bottom, highlight them all and run the wizard  with the Leading Zeroes option, which numbers them 01, 02, 03. The Fuze likes that better than 1/12, 2/12, etc.

Try retagging one album, send it over and see if it turns up.