Deleted Boot Menu

Newbie with Sansa Fuze 4GB, on Win 7 machine:

When using Windows Explorer to delete a music file, I apparently also delete a file (or 2?) that provides a Menu screen/window when the Fuze is plugged into my computer.

Is there a list of all the original files that were on my Sansa so I can see what files I deleted and then, where can I get them?



This sounds like it would be pretty hard to do. Nonetheless, you should be able to manually re-install the firmware which would restore any missing operating files and get you back iin business.

You can get the firmware here. Note there there is a version 1 and a version 2 for the different hardware versions of this player, so you’ll have to know which one you have.

Thanks for the reply.

Right now, I’m not sure what I deleted!  I thought it was a file called: DevIcon.fil and then after it was gone the boot up menu disappeared.  I did a ‘factory setting reset’ to no avail… I thought, but somehow much delayed and many shotdown/repowering/reconnections later, the above file has reappeared???

So I guess I am now most interested in knowing what the all the original files are/were? in case I deleted something else…

Is there such a listing?


 PS I did the firmware upgrade several days ago when I got my Fuze

A factory setting reset won’t do anything related to your situation. All it does is reset your ‘personal’ settings like Backlight brightness, time off, FM radio presets, Sleep timer, etc.

Just re-install the firmware and it will re-generate any missing files needed for operation.

Thanks, I’ll go for reinstall then.


Note that it is better to do this in MSC mode (on the player).

@tomskp wrote:

Thanks, I’ll go for reinstall then.


When you manually reinstall the firmware you download a copy of the firmware.  You can keep that on your computer as a backup copy in case anything like this happens again or if, in the future, the player starts acting glitchy, you can use that copy of the firmware to reinstall the firmware again.  I always keep a copy of the firmware on my computer for that purpose.

Thanks, guys!

Firmware download and reinstalled and all seems ok!

My next battle is with OverDrive and their OD Console program for library audio books.   It defaults to save in the Music folder with no options to redirect to Audiobook folder.  I was able to ‘move’ it in the Fuse root/directory, but I sure would like to automate it for my wife when she gets her new fuse…

Again thanks for you excellent and prompt advice!

 You might go to Overdrive’s site and see if there is Help or FAQ there. Have you clicked around the Console for every possible Option or Property (or Advanced)? I don’t use it, so I can’t help you.