Deleted a System disk

I have a Sansa Fuze 4GB that has been working just fine.  My laptop mouse has a mind of its own and grabs onto things I don’t select, like one of the system files for my Fuze instead of the file I intended to delete.  It still works but the whole system structure has been removed.  I can’t find the installation disk (did I even get one?) and want to get my system files all straight. 

How do I do this?


You can find the firmware here and manually install it (instructions in post).

I read the instructions from your link.  However, my Fuze is v02.02.26A.  I searched that and found a page for the updater.  However, when I hooked up the Fuze, I saw that the files were as they were before I deleted a file (maybe I didn’t delete it?) so I don’t know if I should proceed with an updater. It seems to be working okay now.

Please advise.

The Updater isn’t needed. Both firmware version plus instructions for manually installing them are in the post I linked to.

While there is a newer update than the version you’re running, it’s up to you whether to update or not. Check the Release Notes for things that concern you and your usage.

If it’s working now and none of the improvements in the latest firmware affect you, I’d leave well enough alone.