Delays in response with large audiobook files

I just started listening to my first NetLibrary book. This service gives you a single WMA file for the whole book. The one I’m listening to is a bit over 8 hours in length. I’ve noticed that now that I’m about 3 hours into the book that when I rewind a bit to listen to something I missed the Clip delays almost 10 seconds before starting to play again. I typically listen to Overdrive books that are broken down into files usually less than 80 minutes in length and there haven’t been any noticable delays with those.

I thought I’d see if this is normal or not for the Clip.

I had been planning to follow the advice others had given to use mp3merge on some books I ripped from CD to put them into one big file (to work better with the new bookmark feature) but I think I’ll forget that if this is normal behavior for large files.



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Hmmn…never seen that delay that you speak of.  I use merged mp3 files for “the whole book in one file” thing (mp3merger) and have listened to single-file books of 8-12 hours in length, without seeing this delay.

 All of my books are handled in this manner, and are all in the “audiobooks” folder on the Clip.

Hopefully someone has some insight here to help ya out…I just haven’t seen that problem yet.

Oh, hang on…maybe it’s the WMA format…dunno?  Like I said, so far on my Clip, I have only been using MP3 format, for audiobooks.  Can you convert that book that is giving you this problem to MP3?  Might be worth a shot.

Good luck!  10 second delay would drive me batty.  Hope you get it worked out. 

OK, good to hear that at least large mp3 files should work OK.  Maybe it is just a WMA thing, or a DRM’d WMA thing.


the lag is normal for WMA+DRM content when starting playback. since the forward or rewind feature stops playback, it recalls play when you choose the spot and must check DRM info. Normally it is around 3-4 seconds for music content, but it would seem to make sense for larger files to take longer.

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Well when listening some more after work I discovered that the issues are broader, the quality of the book playback is poor, clipping of the start of some words… just seems like the player is having problems playing the file, and if the file is giving it problems that might explain the delay after rewinds.

When I got home I played the file on my PC and it sounded fine.  I then put it onto my Insignia Sport and it plays fine, no distortion/clipping.  I then deleted the book off my clip and re-transfered it over but it still shows the same problem.

Anyone else have problems with NetLibrary books? 

I’m not having problems with NetLibrary books - just listened to a 13 hour book without incident.

By the way, how full is your Clip?  How do you delete books from the Clip?  I delete using the Windows Explorer and WMP.

I don’t know if this would make a difference (since I’ve probably listened to 30 or so books without any problems) but what about doing a defrag of the Clip?  Or a format and re-transfer to Clip?  Just shooting in the dark but who knows.

Well that is good to hear.

I’ll try the format when I can, but I’ve got quite a number of Overdrive books on there right now that I need to listen to first (their license has expired so I can’t retransfer them from my PC but they are still playable on the clip… seems like they have a different license scheme than the Netlibrary files which do seem to expire even on the player).

Thanks for the good news about the NetLibrary books. 

I just downloaded my first NetLibrary book and enjoyed listening to it (without any problems) for about 2-1/2 hours. Then I turned it off. When I turned it back on, I could only get it to start playing at the beginning of the book - couldn’t fast forward to the place I had left off. Can anyone help me fix this problem? I’m very new to this.

PLease apply the firmware update see the link on top.

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My large audiobook files are mostly (perhaps all) WMA with variable bit.  When cueing, I have a slight delay of about two to three seconds for the stylus to find its spot in the groove (hah). 

I also noticed the clipped speech and assumed that I messed up on setting my format parameters when encoding the files to WMA.  It was actually a second-generation file and that might have been a problem too.  When I got the latest firmware release, I merged the many tracks of an existing audiobook to a single large track. 

Since then, to be on the safe side (avoid clipping), I’ve been encoding with a a better format and haven’t noticed the clipped speech.  Doesn’t mean it’s not there–just haven’t noticed it.