defected fuze? no sound

i dont get any sound out of one pair of my earbuds. I have two pairs, one for walking around that are of higher quality and another cheap pair for skating, running, etc. The cheaper pair will not give me any sound unless i dont plug the mini jack in all the way. This is not sure fix however cus once inside the pocket the mini jack will work its way fully into the hole, thus not playing any music. Instead of music i get this odd tapping sound, which could best be described as static. The static pulses in and out rapidly. I found this to happen to my higher end headphones as well if slight (emphasis on slight) pressure is applied to the fuze case outside the headphone jack.

Basically its unusable for my needs and will be heading back the store. My only question is, is this a defect? i would love to just pick up another one to replace this one, but obviously not if this issue is common.


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it sounds like it could be defective. if putting slight pressure near the haedphone jack changes the was it sounds it could be a bad solder point on the headphone jack.

fixed the volume issue, it was set to normal not high.

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ok so i just got back from best buy with my exchanged 8gb fuze.  Both earbuds are working without any noise cut out.  I am however concerned that by placing the unit in my pocket i some how damaged the headphone port.  If this happens again im gonna have to go after something else, but in the mean time ill assume it was a defect.

lovin the fuze otherwise :P