Default Format Type for M250


I have an M250 player that has been formatted several times, and I can no longer recall if the default format type is FAT or FAT32. Would someone please enlighten me?

Thank you.


i dont know:stuck_out_tongue:

just use FAT32 so you won’t experience any limitations of the FAT32 file system… 

Marqck, thank you for your reply.

It would seem that FAT32 should be the default since the
player is a 2GB player. However, if I format using FATT32, play a good part of an Audible
file, switch the player off, turn it back on, and continue playing the file, I hear
a chattery, gurgly sound as if the unit had forgotten how to unscramble
the Audible file format. Pressing “rewind” or “fast forward” returns the player
to normal operation. If I format using FAT, the problem never occurs. Go figure.

i don’t think the file system is significant.   can you tell me from where are your books?  i wanna try this myself.

The books come from a pay subscription company:

i won’t be able to try this.  im not subscribed to audible…

No problem. I’ll post to the forum if I have any more information on this odd situation. Thanks for your willingness to help

Hello, everyone.

I still have no response to my question about whether the default formatting mode for the M250 is
FAT or FAT32. All help is appreciated.


By way of clarification, I should say that from the nature of this thread, it looks like FAT32 is preferable. Nevertheless, I still can’t help wondering what the default format mode is.

The default is fat not fat32. 

brians is correct, any SanDisk device (memory card, player, flash drive) 2GB or lower comes formatted FAT from the factory.  But this can never, and would never, have any bearing on how music sounds.

Thank you very much.

Do you happen to know if the newer generations of SanDisk players are formatted using FAT32? I wonder what FAT32 buys over FAT.

Sansamaster, I’m sure you and brians are correct, and I thank both of you very much for your helpful replies.

When I asked SanDisk tech support which format method to use, they said 2GB or more should be formatted as FAT32. They were obviously unaware that the M250 leaves the factory formatted as FAT. Perhaps a better response would be that SanDisk players with more than 2GB of storage are formatted as FAT32 (if such is indeed the case).

As far as your statement goes about the type of formatting not affecting the way music sounds, in theory, I have to agree with you. The oddity I reported in the opening message in this thread is something I can replicate, though; however, I only tried the experiment twice.
'Tis indeed strange beyond comprehension.