default format settings

Hi, I recently purchased a 64gb usb memory stick from another manufacturer to load my music on to play in my car.

Trouble is, the car only recognises FAT32 and the stick couldn’t be formatted to that.

I have a 4gb SanDisk Cruzer Edge that works fine but need a larger capacity. 

Do all SanDisk Cruzers come with a factory default format of FAT32?

FAT32 isn’t designed to support drives larger than 32 GB.  Thus SanDisk memory sticks larger than 32 GB are formatted as exFAT.  I suspect your new 64 GB memory stick is formatted as exFAT also.

Thanks.  So a 16gb will be FAT32? My car can only deal with about 2000 songs and the 16gb holds about 4000.

32 GB and smaller should be FAT32 formatted out of the box.  Have fun.

Thanks.I think it’s all cleared up now. I just know that files 32Gb and below needs to be Fat32.