Decryption failed

Hello there!

 I just bought two sandisk 32 GB. So I enter the program and got to my users file and the folder I wanted to transfer, the folder has 13 GB and I transfered to the vault. I’ve got the folder completely transfered than I click with the mouse right button and click on “Save to…” so I have safe on the driver disk. At the first step  I’ve already got my Pendrive to 544 KB free only! And I had 29 GB free before I started to use! Since I click on “Save to” it started to save on the disk but it in a certain folder (keep the same message on the rest of the folders) it says:

"The file [DSN5896].jpg is invalid and cannot be open or decrypted. It is either corrupt, been tempered with or belongs to another license.

Do you want to delete it from vault?"

 So I only have some folders saved into my pendrive but not all and It says I don’t have memorie enought since I only have 544 KB free on the disk and the folder was 13 GB! 29 GB to 544 KB?!

Please help me, I don’t know what to do :frowning: