Dear SanDisk:

I have attempted to purchase 2x SanDisk Ultra II 960 SSDs multiple times in the last week.

Every one of theThe sales I’ve attempted have failed when I specify that each must have same firmware.

Ive been told one of your competitors will guarantee me that their products will have same or better specs and will have identical firmware.

Again, I say I have had excellent results with your product in a raid0 configuration. I would like to again purchase something I’m comfortable with. But I must have identical firmware versions on both!

At some point I will have to jump and purchase them.

Do you want the sale, or not???

I’m not kinning!
Emails sent to multiple mfgs

what you have are retail products. As long as I ahve used sandisk products they have never had BOM control on retail products. If that is something that is important to you you should look at the X or Z series OEM SSD lines sandisk has. 

I have NO IDEA or INTEREST in BOM control.
That is immaterial…
I’m an end user who knows what he wants, waving money, and your Company doesn’t (Apparently) want my money.
It’s kind of unfortunate as the Ultra II has a good track record with me, less the multiple hardware and firmware issues. Which could be easily overcome by just documenting hardware version on the box.

You know… Other MFGs will post different hardware versions as an improved product… !! Think of the customer relations effect that would bring!!!

I know, I’m trying to offer a suggestion that would promote positive reinforcement of your products…
Silly Me!!!