Dead Sansa Clip - Help please

My Sansa Clip is dead. (My wife has one which is working fine though). We have had ours for just a few weeks.

  • The computer does not recognise it - I have Vista and I am using Windows Media Player to drag and drop mp3 files.
  • I have tried the 10-15 second reset.
  • I have tried plugging it in to the USB and holding the centre button.
  • It had a full charge just the other day, so the battery should have power.

I’ve looked though the threads and can’t find an answer that will help.

They are lovely little machines, it is really frustrating that it is not working at all - please can someone help ? Thanks.

  1. Verify your wife’s Clip still works on this computer1

  2. Verify your Clip is still not recognized

  3. Swap USB cable and try again.

Please tell us what happens