Dead or dying 32 GB ReadyCache?

It was working fine until I reinstalled windows 7. It actually might have started before I decided to reinstall Windows 7 as the reason I reinstalled it was because I noticed my computer was getting sluggish. Now my computer randomly freezes for various amounts of time. I can’t even listen to a song without it causing 20+ second freezes. When I uninstall readycache software or disable it in device manager everything works normally again. I checked for high memory or cpu usage applications but there was nothing. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled readycache software many times.

I even removed a secondary hard drive as per tech support, but there was no difference. I’m not going to swap SATA cables. That’s just silly.

I would like a refund but it’s going to be difficult as I’m in Taiwan and to go through the unofficial vendors would be a hard task.

You can download the sandisk ssd toolkit to check the SMART attribute of the ssd. That should give you a good reference for the ssd health. 

That said changing cables is not really silly. Cables can go bad. While it is most likely not an issue eliminating the possibility is never a silly thing. 

Overall smart status: pass

Changing cables is silly because that would assume that my cables somehow degraded to the point of unusability around the time I reinstalled windows 7. Also my main HD shares a sata cable with the cache drive and when I disable the cache drive all problems disappear eliminating the possibility of it being the cable.

so are you saying you have one single cable that connects both your HDD and the RC SSD to a single sata port? if this is the case that is very likely your issue. these cables are designed for RAID cards in i am not mistaken. SATA ports should be 1 for 1. The RC ssd should have came with a SATA cable can you connect it using that cable and an availbel sata port of your computer? 

I just checked, it was not sharing a sata cable. It was sharing the same power line. I’m going to reinstall readycache software and see if anything has changed. 

edit: Same problem exists.

edit: Swapped HD sata cable and readycache sata cable (swapped sata ports). Same problem exists.

3rd edit: After doing some googling I’m having the exact same problems as the guys here

except that my SSD is a cache drive and not a regular SSD and my AHCI has always been enabled in the BIOS.

4th edit: same problem as this guy

I’m fairly certain that the SSD has failed in a way that is not measurable.

5th edit: FIXED. Reformated this time but did not install the motherboard drivers (SATA drivers) that were on my motherboards website. Everything seems to work fine now.