Dead Clip?

I bought my 2GB Clip about 2 years ago, and, with only one or two minor grumbles, have been pleased with its performance; I use it for MP3s and FM. I have found it gives well over 5 hours battery life - possibly 12.  A few weeks ago it acted abit strange, but was OK after a recharge. Yesterday I recharged it again, and it didn’t work afterwards. The controls lit up blue, but the display was blank. I found I could access just two radio stations (neither of which had been in my presets) but nothing I tried could get me to the MP3 or Settings menu, to see if the brightness could be altered. I reset it by holding the power switch on, but this made no difference.

The strangest thing of all is that I can still play any MP file by navigating to it, through Windows Media Player if the Clip is attached to my computer. I suspect that the reason I can access just two radio stations is because I am indoors and these two are the most powerful. I recall that when I originally programmed the presets I had to do it outside (this is one of my minor grumbles!).

It is impossible to be sure what works and what doesn’t without the display - it is even possible that the lack of display is the only problem. Any ideas?